Why SponsorBoat?

Our mission at SponsorBoat is to make your life easier. More specifically, as a sponsorship management platform, our mission is to help events gain sponsorship and give sponsors access to opportunities to enhance their brand, play a role in a community, or promote a cause they care about.

As broad as that mission may sound, and as many industries and types of organizations as that may include, we seek to be highly specialized in what we do. Not only to add value to sponsorship agreements and partnerships but also to effectively execute on what our platform was designed to do—eliminate search costs.

Economics of Our Business

All of us as small businesses are seeking to grow. We seek to do so by optimizing our business models to maximize profits and minimize our costs. We allocate resources and make virtually all of our business decisions based on this premise. Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to make business decisions focused not only on what will reward our business but also our communities and others less privileged and equally privileged alike. And how convenient it is that sometimes those two goals can coexist and in many cases be successfully reached simultaneously.

We seek to help those in either boat by enhancing your brand in the way you want it to be enhanced. When you come on board SponsorBoat, we seek to eliminate your search costs and decrease your opportunity costs. Time spent searching for sponsors is time lost growing your business in other ways in which you’ve already become proficient. Time spent searching for events that fit your target audience is time lost developing your brand strategy, selling your product, and optimizing your business processes. By not only bringing these events to you but filtering them based on your said preferences, you now have an array of opportunities to explore growing and enhancing your brand, reaching your audience, creating new customers, in ways you didn’t have to imagine on your own.

These are real costs, ones that you could quantify given enough data. Sponsorship is a powerful business tool that is not easy to quantify but can ultimately be one of your most influential tools in the strategic positioning of your business, awareness of your brand and products, and perception of your business’ identity. And a very tangible and direct ROI will result from the right sponsorship.


We specialize in making the right matches and creating the right opportunities for sponsorship. We attract and generate sponsorship proposals. We connect and help formulate sponsorship opportunities. The ways in which we help sponsors and event planners are similar across all industries, sponsors, and event types. As such we get better and better at what we do and it only benefits our clients.

So focus on your core competencies of growing your business and allow us to focus on ours to benefit YOU. Come on board and register with us today, we’ll get you where you want to go.