We are US Based

Please note we are located in the US and most of our Sponsorship contacts are located here as well. As such it will be difficult for us to help those looking for overseas sponsorship, particularly India, given our reach and sponsor preferences. We wish we could help everyone but it’s simply not realistic for us!

OK, what can I do here?

You are in Event planners’ heaven; SponsorBoat. If you are planning an event and are looking for sponsors, you’ve come to the right place. We will help you reach hundreds of sponsors, within just a few minutes.

What is this?

SponsorBoat is a platform that help events find sponsors (and vice versa) within a fraction of the time that is normally required for these type of procedures.

What’s the cost?

Glad you asked! We get a 15% commission fee on the deal we managed to close for you. In this way, you know that we try our best to keep you pleased.

How do I get my event on here?

Fill in our standardized sponsorship proposal and submit it to the platform. That’s all! Now you just sit back and relax while our system matches your request to our sponsors criteria.

Do I need to register an account?

No! We value your time and this is why we ask of you the bare minimum of details needed for us to preceed at a first stage.

What other type of events have been on here?

There is a wide range of events, which we distinguish in four categories, namely : art, music, sports and business. Can’t find your event here? We like someone who thinks outside the box! Send us a detailed sponsorship proposal for your event and we promise to do our best.

How long does it take?

Please note that not all proposals generate interested sponsors. We do our best to find sponsorship for all submissions but some fall outside the scope of our sponsor preferences. As such, if you do not hear from us, feel free to send us an email but it will most likely be because we werent able to find you a match!

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