SponsorBoat is a sponsorship management platform that smartly matches events to sponsors, and vice versa.

Post-crisis, it is true that companies are faced with two opposite trends; on the one hand, ever-shrinking marketing budget; on the other hand, a growing need to maintain the same impact on target audiences.
In a parallel universe, most event promoters find it impossible to break through the clutter of spam emails and calls and eventually reach the sponsors. This is where our platform comes in! SponsorBoat brings companies and event planners together on a new level, matching them meaningfully and time-efficiently.

In this way, events save time and money, and no longer need to worry about unanswered calls and emails. As for companies, they get to leverage their ROI, gain deeper insights on target audience preferences, increase brand awareness across a wider audience and discover potential target audiences cost-efficiently.

Sponsor Boat was founded in September 2013 and, within its first month of operations, it won the second prize at the Google Launchpad competition in Athens. It has since migrated, under new ownership, to the United States in January 2015.

If you would like to find out more about Sponsor Boat, you can reach us here.

SponsorBoat. Sponsorships made easy.